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She works as a freelance writer and filmmaker, and her short films have screened at several festivals. Alongside her film work she also writes experimental short stories and poetry. Nackte Tiere is her feature-length debut. Programme Nackte Tiere Naked Animals.

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Naked woman lays on a plate and is covered in gravy in animal rights protest in Liverpool City centre. Jeremy Hunt: government 'generous' despite not extending free meals. Jeremy Hunt says what happened in Manchester was a 'catastrophe'. Bizarre moment young man smashes up wine bottles in a supermarket. Hilarious moment toddler interrupts TikTok and runs off with phone. London Fire Brigade urge people to stay at home this Halloween.

Naked Woman is covered in gravy in animal rights protest

A gang of highly dysfunctional, co-dependent teenagers face down encroaching adulthood in Melanie Waelde's erratic but often electric debut. By Jessica Kiang. She is a troubled young woman whose main outlet, as she faces down the gun barrel of the end of high school and the imminence of change, is jiu-jitsu, which she both practices and teaches, alongside her beefy friend Sascha Sammy Scheuritzel. They seem at first to be a couple, and one in which we initially fear for Katja, when a minor argument leads to Sascha slamming her head into a bank of lockers. But when the nurse who patches her up pushes a leaflet about domestic abuse into her hand, Katja can barely disguise her hilarity.
Project data Length of movie 85 Min. Show more Show less. Brief synopsis Edit. These five young people have more in common than just the fact that they are living in provincial Germany free of parental interference. They have one last winter together before they finish school, then they are supposed to know what they want to do: stay or leave.