Anime girl with pink hair and horns

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From rainbow colored hair to cat ears and tails, anime character designs has never really cared for being realistic. Varies on the anime but you know the drill. The daughter of a Japanese mother and a British father descended from the Sherlock Holmes, Aria follows in the footsteps of her ancestors as a Butei — an international qualification for armed police. One of many Guardian Characters Shugo Chara from which the series drives its name. Her horns are just one of many brilliant designs. Lilith is a minor character from Monster Musume, an anime where monsters of all sorts lodge at the house of Kimihito Kurusu.

15 Cutest Anime Girls With Horns

The 25+ Best Anime Girls With Pink Hair

Anime girls come in many different shapes and sizes, this is something most anime fans have come to understand for a long while. Though one form that tends to intrigue a lot of anime lovers is when girls straddle the line between human and something These girls typically have the same features as a normal anime chick but with a big difference. Most of these anime girls who are demonic-like usually have horns or a horn protruding out somewhere near their head. Our top ten list today focuses on examining some of the best horned girls from the world of anime. Let us see the winners in our Top 10 Horned Girls in Anime list. Thrown into a world where fighting means the loss of money and possibly much worse, how would you survive?

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Zero Two is an artificially-created life form and elite pilot with an infamous reputation as the "Partner Killer" who aspires to become fully human. She is well known for addressing Hiro , the protagonist, by the eponymous term " darling ". Zero Two is considered one of the most popular characters of Darling in the Franxx and her personality has been well received by both fans and critics, with the latter typically citing her as one of the best aspects of the series.
Revenge Chapter 2 by kisinurkitty. The Imperfect Storm Chapter 6 by Mojavejoe420. He takes her best friend and rapes her next. Fallen by Lukas Grey.