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The 10 Pioneering Women of Belgium

The 10 Pioneering Women of Belgium

Culture Trip stands with Black Lives Matter. In , the Van Diest family gained a daughter who was ahead of her time and who went on to pursue an ambition not yet allowed in the country for women. With the perfect mix of perseverance and opportunity, Isala became the first female doctor Belgium had ever seen. Inspired by her father, a medical barber barbers could perform small surgeries , Van Diest quickly knew that she wanted to study medicine. Luckily, things were changing at home, and the Free University of Brussels allowed women in the classrooms, hesitantly followed by other universities.

Women in Belgium

Women in Belgium are European women who live in or are from Belgium. Generation after generation, Belgian women are able to close the "occupational gender gap". In younger generations, this is due to the increasing availability of " part-time jobs in services" for women. In , the average earnings of a Belgian woman was 91 percent of the salary of a Belgian man. When not doing part-time jobs, Belgian women still "do more of the domestic work ", depending on the agreement between female and male partners.
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