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Recently, I made the front page of Reddit because someone noticed my new job over at Animalist News! I've also got a personal channel: ANewHopeee that I've been active on for quite some time! Ask me anything! If some of you kids wanna come hang out sometime. I gotta get going!

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Catherine " Catie " Wayne is an American Internet celebrity , vlogger and voice actress best known for her character Boxxy in her highly energetic vlogs. Her videos, under her YouTube account known as "boxxybabee", were initially made to be posted to her Gaia Online friends. In January , Wayne recorded two videos addressing her friends on Gaia Online and uploaded them to YouTube under the alias boxxybabee. They were reposted to the site i-am-bored. Wayne responded to the popularity of her initial videos in a third video that was uploaded to her new YouTube channel, boxxybabee , in January The videos depict Wayne in heavy eyeliner [3] [4] [5] rambling in an excitable stream of consciousness style about various topics and experiences. The presence of the videos was divisive on 4chan , with factions claiming to either support or oppose Boxxy, leading to various flame wars and hacking incidents.

Catherine Wayne

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