Elf hunter

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I want an Elf Hunter, yes yes I know oh no another Legolas wannabe, whatever you may think you have to admit there is a certain charm to the elven ranger stereotype. So out of all the elves we have, which Hunter is the best among them? If you decide to go night elf, go female because their posture while holding a bow is just perfect! The only time you are allowed to restart a locked thread is if it got locked becuase it reached the cap limit or if in very rare cases a Blizz worker locks the thread and then tells the OP or even just the main poster at that point to continue the thread elsewhere. Night elf is always the answer.

Elf Hunter

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Mail ; can also equip Leather , Cloth. The hunter is a damage dealing class that can engage in either melee or ranged combat. Hunters who are master marksmen use a plethora of different shots to take down their prey, from venomous barbs and magical projectiles to explosive volleys and penetrating powershots , while those who focus on melee combat do so with polearms, executing deft flanking maneuvers and being particularly skilled at throwing their weapon. Hunters are also masters of survival, and their familiarity with traps and misdirection can allow them to manipulate their quarry's attentions, leading them into deadly ambushes or camouflaging themselves so well that even the sharpest-eyed of foes cannot fix their aim upon them. True to their name, hunters are also skilled huntsmen, capable of tracking even the stealthiest of targets with incredible accuracy.

The plot revolves around three travellers, the eponymous "Elf Hunters", and the elven sorceress Mistress Celcia. Elf Hunters seek five spell fragments that have been placed on the skin of elves, similar to tattoos, throughout the magical world they have been transported to. When they find them, they will be able to return to Japan. The Elf Hunters travel by means of a Type 74 tank, which has been transported to the magical world with them. The series is also known for breaking the fourth wall , mostly from Junpei.
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