Had sex with my mother

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By using iFunny you agree to our Privacy policy. We and our partners operate globally and use cookies, including for analytics. So I've been having sex with my mother for 17 years im 33 and she's We have 3 kids together the oldest is 16, she has been very flirtatious of late. My mother has picked up on it and realized she wanted me to fuck her, I did we had a three some.

Savage Love: My wife went ballistic when she found out I used to sleep with my mother

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It was a crushing blow for her, and she retreated from the world. She was never bitter about it, but it was devastating. She lost the love of her life for no apparent reason and was left completely alone, except for me. We have both done our best to forget about him. We were extremely close for the next four years and actually slept in the same bed every night. Eventually, we began doing something that most people would consider evil but neither of us has ever regretted.

i had sex with my mom, is it normal?

Am 32 years old guy, Am married to a 22 years old lady, we have been married for 3years now my. My Mother inlaw on the other hand is 40, but still dressess elegantly at the age of. Mid Last year, when my wife travelled to Mbarara for seminar, her mother visited us and when I told her that her daughter was not around she told me that she already knew with a lustful smile on her face. I was sleeping in my room in the night when I felt some warm hands running across my body, it felt so good that I unknowingly grabbed the Hand in my sleep and we started romancing and I thought that it is my wife, I was shocked when I opened my eyes and saw that its my mother inlaw, I tried to push her away from my self but it was too late because my body is already wanting her and she too made me want it more by taking my D ck in her warm mouth, it felt so good because I havent had a blow job in my life time, I realised that there is no Condom in the house and When I told her, she said she dosent mind that she likes it Raw and we finally had it raw that night and I exploded inside.
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