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The genre of music is closely related to the typically Dutch genre of gabber. Happy hardcore evolved from breakbeat hardcore around —, as the original house music-based rave became faster and began to include breakbeats, one evolving into oldschool jungle which evolved into Drum And Bass and the other into Happy Hardcore and then UK Hardcore, which has a 'harder' style and less breakbeat. Around the mid 90's, Peel started playing the music when it evolved from breakbeat hardcore, which he would often play on his shows. Peel called the track the most requested record of the year and even asked DJ's to play it on Sheila 's 50th birthday in The track started the campaign to get UK Hardcore music their own show on BBC Radio One , which resulted in a monthly show and then a weekly show from The following artists of the genre did sessions and sets for Peel's show:.

Happy Hardcore

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Happy hardcore , also known as 4-beat or happycore , is a music genre of hard dance. It emerged both from the UK breakbeat hardcore rave scene , and Belgian, German and Dutch hardcore techno scenes in the early s. In the UK, the breakbeat hardcore rave scene was beginning to fragment by late into a number of subsequent genres: darkcore tracks embracing dark-themed samples and stabs , hardcore jungle reggae basslines and influences became prominent , and 4-beat also known as happy hardcore where piano rolls and uplifting vocals were still central to the sound. In the UK, happy hardcore as it had become known was starting to gain popularity alongside jungle by , often being hosted in the second arena at major raves such as Dreamscape and Helter Skelter held at the Sanctuary Music Arena.

Happy hardcore

Happy hardcore , also known as happy rave or happycore , [2] [3] is a genre of hard dance [1] typified by a very fast tempo usually around — BPM , [4] often coupled with solo vocals and sentimental lyrics. In its original incarnation, it was often characterized by piano riffs, synthetic stabs [7] and spacey effects. This genre of music is closely related to the typically Dutch genre of gabber.
It was released in on American breakbeat label Moonshine Music and is the first series in Frolic's Happy 2b Hardcore series of DJ mix albums, documenting the emergence of happy hardcore music in the United Kingdom and Europe. The album was conceived to introduce American audiences to happy hardcore, and contains sixteen of the genre's anthems which carry many of happy hardcore's defining characteristics, such as fast tempo, frantic breakbeats, major key tonality, off-kilter, quirky keyboard effects and "semi-melodies. Moonshine had modest anticipations for the album and their numerous promotional campaigns involved arranging for Frolic to promote the album on radio, a "whirlwind" of attention which took Frolic by surprise. The album was a surprise success, selling over , copies, a remarkable amount for a compilation of underground music. It is credited with helping increase the genre's spread in the United States and for inspiring Frolic's Hullabaloo happy hardcore rave in , the first of its kind in the United States.