Harley quinn fan art

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I finished reading Harleen by Stjepan Sejic and oh my god. What an emotional rollercoaster. I know so many have gotten tired of people shipping Harley and the Joker but this comic had me shipping them so hard and actually kinda liking the Joker I know so bad! Like just look at him.

Harley Quinn Fan Art

5 Super Creepy Harley Quinn Fan Art Pics (& 5 Totally Stunning Ones)

DC Comics has introduced many great characters over the long years of its existence, both superheroes and villains. But Harley Quinn is one of the most unique characters. She also managed to walk the fine line between being a villain and being an antihero multiple times, which is never easy. And finally, she stole the show for herself when she appeared in the DCEU where she's portrayed by the Australian actress Margot Robbie. Fans loved Robbie's portrayal of their favorite Clown Princess of Crime and they showed their love by creating multiple amazing pieces of fan art of Harley. Let's check out some of the best we've seen.

Mad Love: The Best Harley Quinn Fan Art Ever

Will Smith and Jared Leto were part of the cast but if everyone's being honest, Margot Robie is the one who stole the show. She played Harley Quinn so well that she was able to star in Birds of Prey in , a movie solely focused on Harley Quinn and her wild adventures. The character of Harley Quinn is known for wearing a skimpy outfit and getting into trouble. She is also known for her obsession over the Joker and her choice to remain in an abusively toxic relationship with him. The artist of this fan art added rips to Harley's top to make her look even more rebellious.
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