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If these things bother, then you should leave now. AN: Greetings friends. First I must apologise in advance for this story if it seems inconsistent in places. I began writing it over a year ago and sporadically updated it, with usually weeks or month between writing, so if it does seem inconsistent that's why. I think I have managed to smooth everything out, but if I did miss something that doesn't make sense, let me know. Now I'm sure many of you will recognise the theme from this story as one of the subplots from Potter's Palace of Pleasure. I felt that that particularly subplot could have its own story, and this is the first chapter of four.

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Under the Invisibility Cloak. It was two in the morning on a freezing night in December and the boy's dormitory in Gryffindor tower was alive with snoring and heavy breathing. The towers window was being buffeted with heavy, thick, white snow. A relentless push from the wind made it seem to Harry as though the window would smash with the strength the balls of snow that were being thrown with the unforgiving icy gust.