Help i got my mom pregnant

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Dude, you had to know at some point. Boinking your mom was a bad idea. First of all, that's incest. Second of all, this makes her a sexual predator.

Is it normal that i want to get my mom pregnant?

i got my mom pregnant and there is no chance it was any 1 else, help!? | Yahoo Answers

Ask Your Question today. I'm 18 years old. I'v been attracted to my mother since I was My mom's 50 years old. She sleeps in a night gown every noon. I used to put my camera up her night gown and take photos of her vagina while she slept.

I think i got my mom pregnant, what do i do?

I like to masturbate in the bathtub a lot, and i didn't realize it before but the "stuff" kinda floats around and sticks the walls and stuff after. I'm 15 so i guess i didn't really think about it. Anyways, my mom recently became pregnant again and my parents are divorced so no she didnt just have sex with my father. I think some of the stuff was floating around and she reused my bathwater after one of my "special baths" and she got pregnant from me. What do i do?
When you get out of high school and dive right into college , so many aspects of your life can change. Maybe you try to test the waters in the notorious Greek life or try to stick with some high school traditions like marching band. Oftentimes you leave your home, saying goodbye to your hometown and those you love most. One of the biggest shockers when leaving high school , though, is seeing where all of your other classmates continue in their lives. Some people go to the military, cosmetology school, other colleges both in and out of state and some people even end up pregnant really fast.