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Bust out our show-stopping dance moves The stiff-necked dip employed for weddings and other occasions featuring a DJ goes out the door when the last person shuts it behind them. Test out bizarre beauty treatments An evening alone is the chance to go mad scientist with our cosmetics. Wear our favourite whacky clothes Yes, skinny jeans, wedges and pencil skirts are great when we need to feel like well-dressed superwomen, but an evening alone means indulging our silly sides. Goodbye sensible shoes, hello clashing colours, wild prints and novelty dinosaur slippers.


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Ask the women to choose three to five people who have not been able to make it to the corps for a while. They may be shut—ins, in retirement homes, recovering from medical issues, or moved away from the corps. The goal is to have each woman write a note of encouragement to these individuals. They can use Bible verses, songs from the songbook, poetry or even inspirational sayings. Encourage the women to pray for each recipient. When the recipient receives their package, they will be showered with many blessings. For those individuals confined to their home, one of the frustrating difficulties is the inability to purchase groceries, medical supplies and other needed items.

Pigeon Lady

The " Pigeon Lady " was a homeless woman who lived in New York City and only appears in the second film. At some point in time, the woman had a job, a family, and was in love with a man who eventually fell out of love with her. As a result, she refused to fall in love again and stopped trusting others.
The lockdown is a hard time for everyone but some groups struggle more than others. While men across the world are being lauded for taking on household responsibilities now, women continue to receive the short end of the stick. In families that have members that need to be taken care of — children, elderly, or the sick — caring labor falls more heavily on women. While this is the case for women in heterosexual relations, single women face many other struggles.