I hope this doesnt awaken anything in me

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In the study group 's freshmen year at Greendale , Dean Pelton was introduced as a relatively normal if somewhat bumbling and incompetent administrator. He eventually revealed a more bizarre side to his personality which manifested itself in his crush on Jeff , his penchant for dressing up in various costumes and a creepy obsession he discovers for dalmatians. The origin of this fetish for the spotted dogs started when he watched a particular video on Youtube featuring a man dressed in a dalmatian costume. It became a running gag on the show with many references being made to his fixation in several episodes. Its first appearance was in the Season One episode " Environmental Science ".

This better not awaken anything in me..

Dean Pelton's Dalmatian fetish | Community Wiki | Fandom

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Dean Pelton's Dalmatian fetish

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