Jessica alba stripping naked

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If 'Sin City' wasn't your thing, you can still probably appreciate one thing about Robert Rodriguez 's movie: Jessica Alba as a stripper. Well, get ready Jessica Alba fans because she says ' Sin City 2 ' will feature even more of her stripper Nancy Callahan including some new dance moves that Alba calls "crazy. In the comic the film is based on, Nancy is only a background character but you can expect to see a lot more of Alba-as-stripper in 'Sin City 2. I had to learn a bunch of dance sequences for it. I do a lot more dancing in this one.

‘Sin City 2′ Will Feature a Lot More Jessica Alba Stripping

How Jessica Alba went nude without actually taking stripping off

Jessica Alba has one of the most spectacular bodies in Hollywood, but don't expect her to be getting her tata's out any time soon. This isn't the first time Jess has spoken about keeping her ladybits to herself - back in , she said something similar when Sin City was released. I just don't," she told Elle magazine at the time. Maybe I won't get hired in some things. But I have too much anxiety.

How Jessica Alba went nude without actually taking stripping off

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