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Peeled & Naked

Naked Magic | VideoMan

These cards have a vintage horror vibe, and a brilliant new marking system that you can read from far away. Top Inventors 1. Tony Anverdi 2. Reynold Alexander 3.

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But when the show finally started, Tyler and Wayne emerged fully clothed. As the show progressed, Tyler and Wayne slowly lost all their clothes. First the suit jackets came off, then the shirts, pants and finally the underwear.
But Mike Tyler and Christopher Wayne are most certainly unclothed — minus small microphone packs and strategically placed top hats — by the end of the Feb. But a self-selecting crowd that purchases tickets to the Naked Magicians is not hard to engage. They are superlative entertainers, as adept at comedy as they are at magic. They are also phenomenal dancers, incorporating tasteful bits of striptease.