Monster girl quest 4 heavenly knights

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MGQ is hentai visual novel that involves Monstergirls, role playing, and sorcery. Originally released in Japan only, it saw enough demand that it was eventually translated into English by a fellow named "Rogue Translator". The name of the game itself is pretty much what you do: go on a quest, slay monsters who are also girls, before they slay you. We're not kidding, in most cases, your character is either milked to death or raped and then fucking digested alive upon defeat. Beneath that, the game also has a surprisingly lengthy if arguably good story and some very good self-aware jokes that take shots at its own genre I. E: The RPGish tradition of being able to break into houses and ransack it without the occupants giving a damn if you're the protagonist.

Monster Girl Quest

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Alipheese and the four Heavenly knights. By zepekinio Watch. But since i'm insane, i decided that instead of just resizing it, i'd add what's missing! I have drawn everything that is below the waist.. Or, well, whatever that isn't on the original picture. It was great training, and i'm happy that i'll be able to use it on my own pictures laterz on.

Monster girl quest

Usually when a Monster Lord is selected, the heir to the throne may receive a challenger, such as Cassandra during Alice XV Fifteenth 's coronation. However, during the last coronation, four powerful monsters rose to challenge Alice XVI. Each competitor had their own reasons for partaking in the battle: Alma Elma simply viewed the competition as fun; Tamamo, who was Alice's surrogate mother and the mentor of many Monster Lords before her, felt that Alice was outnumbered and could possibly be unfairly overwhelmed if she did not step in; Erubetie planned to use the position of Monster Lord to eradicate the humans due to their oppression on the slimes; and Granberia wished to test her skill against the daughter of the previous Monster Lord, having no intention of claiming the throne whatsoever. Over the course of the battle, Alma Elma left the match early purely on a whim and Tamamo and Erubetie knocked each other out simultaneously, which left Granberia to battle Alice.
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