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On Tuesday I was in Las Vegas again , and my trip had me thinking about butts. Sometimes my body decides to stage a full-on menstrual revolt replete with cramps and some migraine-like symptoms—which I guess kinda make sense if you believe that migraines can be triggered by hormonal cycles. That last sentence was a joke. It could be worse, but I still envy women who always know when their three magically pain-free days of moderate bleeding are going to happen. I turned on the television to distract myself from my internal grumble-rant and stumbled upon this survival reality show called Naked and Afraid. Every episode pairs a man and a woman who have above-average survival experience or knowledge.

'Teen Mom' star quits after only one night on 'Naked and Afraid'

Stoya in Praise of the Posterior, AKA the Butt

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