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Annie is a member and the only survivor of the team that worked on the theme park, Anatomy Park , that was being constructed inside the body of a homeless man Ruben. She appears in the episode of the same name Anatomy Park. Annie was a member of Dr. During their escape, she is the first to be suspected to be behind the failing security systems, until it is revealed that Poncho is the culprit. She became a love interest for Morty.

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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. I've been trying to figure out the "puffy vagina" joke in Rick and Morty season 1, episode 3 "Anatomy Park" - and am wondering what the official explanation for it is. Ie, what does it mean, are there any layers of funny to it beyond the immediately obvious, how come it was included? It seems like there might have been some sort of mistake here.

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Post a comment. The third episode of Rick and Morty 's first season is probably my favourite from a visual and thematic standpoint, for the simple reason that it explores a sci-fi trope that is near and dear to my heart -- exploring a cartoony version of a human body. It's how little me learned all about how the human body is connected to each other, and it's always been something I love when any sci-fi material does something similar. Of course, the titular "Anatomy Park" is mostly done as a riff on Jurassic Park, with a shade of other sci-fi horror movies and a "someone is trying to steal the THING from a facility" sub-plot thrown in, making it feel like a combination of Jurassic Park and Alien thrown into the setting of the dying body of a hobo.
The meaning of puffy vagina is pretty self-explanatory; it refers to a meaty, juicy and appetizing pussy. There is debate if it is the labia, that is meaty, or the vulva, though a meaty vulva is mostly referred to as a roastie. Its first popular appearance, however happened on December 16 th , in the third episode of season one from Rick and Morty, called Anatomy Park, where Rick tries to turn Morty off a girl, by telling him she has a puffy vagina. The series from Adult Swim had set the ground for the expression to spread, with several people inquiring about the meaning and origin of it ever since.