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A new TV ad featuring actors portraying porn stars is the latest sensation in New Zealand. The ad, part of a series of public service spots about internet safety, has been making waves while aiming to spark conversations between teens and parents about healthy relationships. You open it to find a very friendly but very naked man and woman standing on your stoop. According to The Independent , the provocative video has been viewed more than 8 million times on Twitter.

New Zealand government’s advertisement on ‘keeping sex real online’ is winning hearts on Twitter

New Zealand are using porn stars to open up discussions about sex

The New Zealand government has released a new advert urging young Kiwis not to rely on porn for sex education. Released under the country's new "Keep It Real Online" campaign, the ad depicts two naked porn stars approaching a residential house. When a woman in a dressing gown answers the door, they introduce themselves as Sue and Derek. Anyway, we usually perform for adults but your son's just a kid. The short advert touches on topics like consent, realistic expectations of sex and the performative nature of pornography. We don't even talk about consent, do we?

New Zealand sex education ad features porn stars

June 16, In a new ad campaign, New Zealand has brought these fabrications of the forefront. In the digital age of internet over-indulgence, many teenagers learn about how to do it from their journey through the forged world of porn. The brilliant commercial features a startled mother in PJs opening her door to a couple of naked porn stars.
The New Zealand government has launched an unorthodox ad campaign to educate adolescents about sex. A report by the New Zealand government, which examined the most popular clips viewed on Pornhub in the past year, found that more than a third of these depicted non-consensual activities followed by fantasies about step-siblings or step-parents. Affectionate sex between partners made up only a quarter of these clips, and only three percent of the videos involved the usage of condoms.