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Kimizuki takes the drug, and the humans get into position for battle. Kimizuki and Guren talk about why they are doing what they're doing. As Yu demands even more power from Asuramaru to fight against the sixth trumpet, Shikama Doji starts opening the doors restricting the emotions in Shinoa's heart. Kimizuki orders Guren to give him some of the drug being used on Yu.

Shinoa Squad

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In the light novels, Shinoa is described as a short, adorable, and beautiful young girl with shoulder lengthened ashen hair same as Mahiru's, and the large bow on the back of her head is a dark shade of magenta and is at the end of a twisted braid. Guren describes her as having clear, piercing amber-red eyes that seemed to stare out at the world and skin so pale that it was almost transparent to her blood. On her left arm, she has a black shackle. She wears a black sailor-like uniform with 10 yellow buttons along the side of the dress. Placed before the last set of buttons, she wears a silver belt, and on her hands are white gloves. There are 2 green stripes around the wrists of the uniform, and on the neck side, she wears a dark pink bow tie. Shinoa has grown up but is shorter that alot of other girls.

Shuttered Shinoa

She is a young girl with shoulder length ashen hair with side braids and a bow at the back. Guren describes her as having clear, piercing eyes that seemed to stare out at the world and skin so pale that it was almost transparent. She has a very short, small figure and her hair is pinned up at the back with a purple bow with side braids. At the beginning of the series, she is shown wearing her school uniform, a sailor fuku which consists of a grey blouse with black cuffs that have teal trim in the middle. It has a black sailor-style collar with has teal trim and a single five teal petal design in the middle.
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