Succubi in the witcher 3

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A succubus female or incubus male is a creature, sometimes considered "a demon ", looking like a highly attractive human being seducing real humans, first appearing in dreams from time to time, then physically, and is interested only in men that have already come of age. Neither succubi nor incubi are particularly violent, though they draw energy from the men and women to sustain themselves, often until the point of exhaustion or death of the victim. Clever witchers may be able to talk down a succubus, with stories of witchers seducing a succubus and allowing them to flee a region whispered among commoners. Should a witcher choose to slay a succubus, they must act quickly. Succubi are known for their surprising brute strength. They can also be accomplished spell-slingers in their own right, commanding fire with natural aptitude.

How Many Succubi Are In The Game? (Spoilers)

Succubus | The Witcher 3 Wiki

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Contract: Deadly Delights

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This quest can only be started by finding the notice on Harborside 's notice board. From there, you can find Gilbert standing guard at the bridge around the Fish Market and he'll tell you a bit about the bodies and that they're at the docks, set to be burned soon. With that, head to the marker to find the medic and talk with him, exhausting all the points to learn more about the killings, which will then point you to a location behind Crippled Kate's. Here you'll find 3 tracks: unimportant guard's tracks and children footprints, and hoofprints, but walking on 2 legs. Follow the hoofprints around until they point you to the backdoor of Crippled Kate's.