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Hurts by Radio Riot Right Now. Guitar player and recording engineer Maurizio Baggio became a successful as producer for Soft Moon, The Merchandise and many others while drummer Mattia Bardin joined the other legendary punk band La Piovra. A picture of a band in its prime, influenced by the Swedish Burning Heart scene of Refused and Breach. Angst, rage, radical political views growled out by singer Silva are surrounded by heavy de-tuned guitar riffs and d-beats. Before becoming musicians, Meshuggah were probably just Math nerds. First song of the record features one of the best intros ever produced and their rhythmic patterns can be so complicated that make you feel kinda high.

Punk in Sweden

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By degentrified updated over 9 years ago. The Shitlickers were a Legendary Swedish hardcore band formed in Gothenburg that existed from They were highly influenced by Discharge. In the spring of , they recorded and released their first EP entitled the Shitlickers. This EP was self released in a one time pressing of copies.

6 Swedish Underrated ‘90s Hardcore Bands

Connect your Spotify account to your Last. Connect to Spotify. A new version of Last. Out of the independent music scene and activist movement in Stavanger and Gothenburg comes the hardcore-straight edge band Anchor.
Punk rock and hardcore punk have created a punk subculture in Sweden since punk music became popular in the s. The two perhaps most influential bands are Mob 47 and Anti Cimex , whose music has also inspired many foreign bands. Together with the early American hardcore bands and the British band Discharge , the Swedish punk scene since the early s consisted almost exclusively of "tribute bands" to the above. In the s the aggressive punk scene turned more towards crust punk with bands like Driller Killer , Skitsystem , Wolfbrigade , and Disfear. Refused had a strong base in the genre's traditional roots and may in part represent how it sounded then, but experimented and stretched the limits sufficiently to their most famous songs rather have come under the term post-hardcore.