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Man, 31, targeted young teens for nude photos on internet - jael-jones-photography.com

This is becoming common. I imagine the next step will be charging a child with child molestation for masturbating. This is what happens when you let puritans run the legal system. We need to take a serious look at a huge range of laws like this, and try to get them back in line with rationality and the basic principles of a free society…. You can use a businesscard or other piece of white paper to deflect the flash to the ceiling and have a nice diffused lighting.

Four in 10 young women have felt pressure to share nude photos, survey finds

A man admitted to sexual exploitation of a minor for solicited nude photos of a year-old girl. File photo MLive. Dustyn Olmstead, 31, of Vermontville, pleaded guilty to sexual exploitation of a minor, which carries a penalty of at least 15 years, and up to 30, in prison, and distribution of child pornography, a five- to year felony. He will be sentenced Dec. The investigation began in February when an Allegan County school district found improper text messages on a school-owned laptop it had loaned a student.
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